Strengthening Gender Equality in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings

Conflict and Post-conflict Research

Sonke Gender Justice is increasing its focus on harmful gender norms that drives gender-based violence (GBV) and the spread of HIV in conflict and post-conflict settings. We do this by working with our partners to engage men and boys for gender equality.

Engaging men in GBV prevention and response in conflict and post-conflict settings

Globally, and especially in Africa, most programmes addressing GBV prevention and response in conflict, post-conflict and humanitarian crisis settings currently focus on women and girls. This is with very good reason, as violence against women and girls is very prevalent in conflict and post-conflict settings, often more so than in peaceful settings. However, there remains lack of substantial focus on addressing root causes of male violence. While men and boys are usually the perpetrators of violence, men can also become involved in preventing such violence.

Engaging men in the Women Peace and Security agenda

Women and girls are often excluded from the peacebuilding agenda as a result of patriarchy. Men may serve as “gate-keepers” for women to access the public sphere. To promote women’s equal participation in decision-making, Sonke believes that men (from household to parliament) must support this. Sonke is therefore exploring how to engage men to support women’s full participation in peacebuilding and negotiation and the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

Sonke, MenEngage Africa members and partners are advocating for gender equitable peace through campaigns and policy advocacy, based on our research.

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