Module 5: Culture, tradition and faith


This module examines how some religious and cultural practices enhance human life and how some are misused to deny rights. It demonstrates that culture and tradition are not static but open to re-interpretation, reinvention or re-imagining.

Module 4: Women, gender & power


This module outlines some of the links between faith, gender, power, hierarchy and socialisation. It highlights the negative consequences of patriarchy for both men and women.

Module 3: Challenging sexual and gender-based violence


This module helps to broaden understanding of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and explore the ways in which it impacts people marginalised because of their gender and sexuality. It offers insight into the ways in which gender and sexual minorities are ‘policed’ through violence.

Module 2: Sexual & reproductive health & rights


This module focuses on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It offers definitions of SRHR, outlines the challenges of attaining them and provides faith-based case studies and practical tools to promote SRHR.

Module 1: Sexuality and gender diversity


This module aims to offer information and debunk dangerous myths around sexuality and gender. It explains how gender and sexuality can be understood along a spectrum in an approach more reflective of the true nature of human experience.

Youth Changing the River’s Flow: A Facilitator’s Guide


The content of this facilitator’s guide is derived from existing programmes and campaigns, among them SAfAIDS Changing the River’s Flow (CTRF) programme, implemented across nine southern African countries, and Sonke Gender Justice’s One Man Can campaign. The materials were tested with and reviewed by a cadre of community transformation facilitators from each of the partner […]

One Youth Can: Facilitator’s Guide


This Manual is intended to be a resource for those working with youth on issues of citizenship, human rights, gender, health, sexuality and violence. The content is informed by a commitment to social justice, gender equality and engaged citizen activism. The activities encourage all youth to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and values regarding […]

One Youth Can: Participant’s Workbook


This is the workbook out of which the One Youth Can participants work. The activities encourage all youth to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and values regarding sexuality; gender; what it means to be a boy/man or girl/woman; domestic and sexual violence; HIV/AIDS, democracy and human rights. They encourage all youth to take action to […]

Tiyani Vavasati

Tiyani Vavasati

This is a training manual aimed at young women between the ages of 18-24. The objectives of the curriculum are to empower the young women to set goals for their lives; increase young women‘s knowledge of correct reproductive health and HIV information, as well as promote HIV testing; help young women learn to recognise and […]

How To Support Community Members Affected by Gender Based Violence


South Africa has some of the highest rates of gender based violence occurrence in the world. To attain gender equality, it is necessary to work towards eradicating gender based violence. This includes ensuring that the state optimally performs its legal duties to protect its citizens from gender based violence and upholds survivors’ rights. Community activists […]

Tsima Booklet 2: Community Mobilisation Workshop Manual


This manual is a resource that community mobilisers and CAT members can use to guide workshops. The manual is a compilation of activities, grouped into five separate two-day workshops. The content of the activities is informed by a commitment to social justice, gender equality and engaged citizen activism. A participant can attend only one workshop, […]

Tsima Booklet 3: Community Mobilisation Toolkit


Within the context of the Tsima Bushbuckridge Community Mobilisation Programme the toolkit is intended for use by Community Mobilisers and Community Action Team (CAT) members. Some activities may be undertaken in teams or as a group, understanding that the widest input leads to the best result. Mobilisers/CATs can implement only one activity at a time, […]

Micro-Savings and Safe Spaces with Girls in Kenya


This presentation highlights the vulnerabilities adolescent girls face in Kenya and the importance in investing in them in socially, economically and in their health. It is important to consider them assets in society and explore ways in which savings leads them out of the vulnerabilities they face.

MenEngage Africa Training Initiative

MATI Overview Booklet 2015

While the importance of engaging men and boys in gender justice work has been widely recognised, most initiatives to engage them tend to be small-scale and short-term. In order to transform pervasive gender inequalities within Africa, a scaling-up and widening in scope of the programmes and models already known to be effective is imperative. The MenEngage […]

Sex Workers and Sex Work in South Africa

The Guide has been compiled for journalists and writers involved in reporting on sex work. It sets out basic facts about the sex work industry in South Africa and contains sections on appropriate terminology, use of images and respectful interviewing techniques.


Mencare A Global Fatherhood Campaign

MenCare is a global campaign to promote men’s involvement as equitable, responsive and non-violent fathers and caregivers. It provides high quality community and mass media messages, technical assistance and training, policy and program recommendations and evidence to support local NGOs, women’s rights organizations, governments and UN partners in their efforts to engage men and boys […]

Policy Advocacy Toolkit

Policy Advocate Toolkit How to Influence Public Policy for Social Justice and Gender Equality in Africa

This policy advocacy toolkit was developed to assist African civil society organisations to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of public policy for social justice and gender equality or to challenge proposed laws and policies that undermine gender equality and human rights. It outlines policy advocacy strategies that can be used to influence policy […]

Working with Men and Boys

Working with men and boys

This manual is intended to be a resource for those working with men and boys on issues of sexual and reproductive health, specifically increasing access to safe and stigma free abortion services, as well as gender and health on a broader scale. It was developed for use in workshop settings and also as a resource […]

Good Practice Brief on Male Involvement in GBV Prevention and Response

"Good Practice Brief on Male Involvement in GBV Prevention and Response in Conflict, Post-Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis Settings in Sub-Saharan Africa"

The purpose of this Good Practice Brief is to provide concrete methods for, and highlight successful examples of, programmes that involve men and boys in prevention and response to GBV in conflict, post-conflict and humanitarian crisis settings in sub-Saharan Africa. It is intended to inform policy- making and programming to enable incorporation, replication or adaptation […]

Discussion Guide

MenEngage Digital Stories Discussion Guide 2013

The stories in this discussion guide are the product of a week-long workshop conducted by MenEngage African Youth Alliance and Sonke Gender Justice, in partnership with UNFPA. The seminar allowed a platform for youth activists from several different countries in Africa to share their personal stories, document their work and experiences and learn how to […]

Men and Masculinities in South Africa – Volume 1

Men and Masculinities in South Africa - Volume 1

Almost twenty years into South Africa’s democratic era, the process of transformation to social justice has only just begun. The Bill of Rights in our celebrated Constitution includes gender rights as an essential part of our shared vision for racial, class and gender equality and justice. And yet, prejudice and violence against women, children and […]