Progress towards prohibiting all corporal punishment of children in East and Southern Africa


This briefing highlights the human rights imperative to prohibit all violent punishment of children in all East and Southern African states. It summarises progress so far towards prohibition in each state and what remains to be done. Aiming to promote national action for prohibition, it emphasises the many immediate opportunities for working to fulfil children’s […]

Paternity leave in South Africa


This position paper commissioned by MenCare+, recommends the introduction of a fully paid two week (10 day) paternity leave. This recommendation is informed by international evidence and an understanding of the South African demographic and socio-economic context. The introduction of paternity leave is supported by the White Paper for Families, and would require the inclusion […]

Changing the River’s Flow – A Gender Transformative Program for Young People


The main purpose of the assessment is to build a robust information base for the project that will provide a strong basis for monitoring and evaluation of the proposed 2 year project. The baseline assessment will also be used to generate more information to inform and refine programme activities and implementation strategies Determine perceptions, attitudes […]

The MenCare Parental Leave Platform


We believe that true equality between men and women will not be reached until men and boys take on 50 percent of the caregiving and domestic work. Equal leave policies for both parents – policies that are well-paid and non-transferable – have been gaining global attention in recent years, for good reason. They have proven to be […]

Justice for Sandiswa Mhlawuli


In this paper, Patrick Welsh, Patrick Godana and Dean Peacock from Sonke Gender Justice profile their organisation’s use of community education, lobbying and advocacy for access to justice after the murder of Sandiswa Mhlawula in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa. The paper details strategies Sonke used, how these are linked to Sonke’s model for community […]

Parental leave in South Africa


This position paper, commissioned by MenCare+ South Africa, recommends the introduction of 10 days non- transferable, fully paid leave, be made available to fathers at the time of birth and delivery, within the first 30 days of the child’s life. It is further recommended that this should be combined with 100 days of paid parenting […]

Engaging Men and Boys to Transform Discriminatory Social Norms

Engaging Men and Boys to Transform Discriminatory Social Norms

The purpose of this online discussion was to bring together a diverse range of perspectives and ‘on the ground’ experience on working with men and boys to promote gender equality. The discussion ran from 22 until 31 October and it was the 4th online discussion that Wikigender hosted in 2012. Organised by Wikigender, Sonke Gender Justice […]

Working with Men and Boys to Promote Gender Equality

Working with men and boys to promote gender equality

Across much of the world, rigid gender norms, and harmful perceptions of what it means to be a man or a woman, encourage men to engage in high risk behaviors, condone violence against women, grant men the power to initiate and dictate the terms of sex, and make it difficult for women to protect themselves […]