Rights, Action & Accountability

A Case Study on Community Mobilisation & State Accountability in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe

This report outlines the results of research conducted from January 2019 to March 2019 on Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. The research was conducted on Projects implemented in Freetown and Bo District in Sierra Leon and Matetsi, Zimbabwe. This Country Case Study was conducted as part of an assessment of the effectiveness of Sonke Gender Justices Project “Rights, Action & Accountability: Supporting Community Mobilization and State Accountability for Gender Justice in Africa” in selected implementation areas. The project was first implemented and piloted in the Eastern Cape, where it is running in its second year. Currently, it is running in its first year in Freetown and Bo District in Sierra Leon and Matetis, Sulewi and Matabaland in Zimbabwe with the help of the partner organizations MAGE in Sierra Leone and SafAids in Zimbabwe.

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