Ten Year Review of Sonke’s Work and Impact

In 2017 Sonke Gender Justice sought to review and offer an account of its contribution, over the last ten years, towards reaching gender equality, reducing gender-based violence, and addressing HIV and AIDS in South Africa and at regional and global levels. In reflecting on its practice it has sought to understand both its successes and challenges as well as generate knowledge about the ways in which these changes are brought about so as to contribute to learning. To achieve this Sonke commissioned Singizi Consulting to carry out four different evaluations as follows:

Sonke Gender Justice: Achievements against Results

A meta review of nearly one hundred documents written about Sonke’s work over the last year, mostly by external parties.



A Report on Training Programmes

An assessment of Sonke’s formal training courses, including the joint Sonke-University of Pretoria Health Advanced Human Rights Course, the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative, and the joint Sonke-UCLA School of Law Health and Human Rights Fellowship.



Sonke Gender Justice: Reviewing Achievement against Results

An integrated evaluation based on the meta-review, the training evaluation, interviews with key partners and stakeholders, and consultations with Sonke staff.



MenEngage Africa Evaluation of Activities

An evaluation of the impact of Sonke’s support to MenEngage Africa, an alliance of civil society partners with formally constituted country networks in twenty countries in Southern, East, Central and West Africa.

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