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“Don’t beat me around the Bush”

In Pretoria, sex workers have claimed a space in the Marabastad area called the “Bush” where they conduct business.

The trek to the Bush is strenuous – over a Marabastad river, under an abandoned train canal and through tough terrain. The area is dangerous, secluded and poses health risks for the women and men conducting business there – It’s next to a dump.

The Bush is only one of many examples of the extremes some sex workers go to practice their criminalised trade. But yet they say they continue to be villainised by police acting on “outdated” South African laws made to police women’s bodies.

In collaboration with the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) and current affairs show Special Assignment, Sonke Gender Justice’s Gadeeja Abbas and Zia Wasserman expand on the issue of South African laws criminalising sex work and the impact it has on the policing and health sectors.

29 Aug 18
Video by Sonke Gender Justice

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