Gold industry could be forced to pay out to miner’s daughters and wives

In May 2016, the Johannesburg High Court granted a historic ruling in a class action lawsuit, giving hope to thousands of women.

Sixty-nine applicants, who had contracted silicosis and tuberculosis as a result of their exposure to silica dust, sought to hold South Africa’s gold mining industry accountable on behalf of all miners, and the families of all miners who have had to take care of those affected by the illness.

Sonke Gender Justice submitted evidence on the gendered effect of the mining-related lung diseases, including the unpaid care-giving provided by women and children and the ripple effects of having to dedicate time, money and personal wellbeing to provide this care.

The court found in favour and sought to remedy the strong gendered effects that such migrant labour health consequences had on families.

Thabang Pooe, Policy Development and Advocacy Fellow at Sonke Gender Justice appeared on Tonight with Tim Modise Show to discuss the ruling.

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