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7 Aug 17 Press Releases Gender-Based Violence

In the aftermath of the violent incident at Spur this year, we are once more confronted by an incident of racism and violence.

7 Aug 17 Press Releases Gender-Based Violence

It is an affront to South Africa that one of the very individuals elected to be a leader in this democracy could perpetuate such violence, and in particular, against women.

31 Jul 17 Press Releases Prisons & Criminal Justice

Civil society organisations recognise government’s efforts in reducing overcrowding in Pollsmoor Remand Detention Facility from 252% to 149% in six months.

11 Jul 17 Press Releases HIV/AIDS & TB

Today Sonke Gender Justice pays its respects to Prudence Mabele, a fallen giant of the global AIDS movement.

7 Jul 17 Sonke News Gender-Based Violence

Community dialogue addressing the rising levels of GBV in Diepsloot.

5 Jul 17 Sonke News Religion & Culture, Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

MenEngage Africa and partners host regional meeting to investigate the evolving structural drivers behind female genital mutilation.

30 Jun 17 Press Releases Adolescents & Teens

Civil society representatives, parents, citizens and community members all speak out to defend the rights of Tanzania’s young girls.

25 Jun 17 In Electronic Media HIV/AIDS & TB

The work of our partners and the MenEngage Uganda network in engaging men and boys to address HIV/AIDS is featured in Indiana University article.

21 Jun 17 Press Releases, Sonke News Gender-Based Violence

Now more than ever we need clear and unequivocal action to advance women’s rights and to end violence against women and all forms of discrimination.

20 Jun 17 Sonke News

Sixty countries have co-sponsored these HRC resolutions yet South Africa has to date failed to indicate whether it will follow suit

12 Jun 17 Sonke News HIV/AIDS & TB

View a schedule of events Sonke is to participate in at this year’s South African AIDS Conference.

9 Jun 17 Press Releases Fatherhood

75 years is too long to wait for gender equality in paid and unpaid work, reveals new global report on fatherhood.

7 Jun 17 Press Releases

Expressing gratitude to the late Dr Babatunde Osotimehin for his leadership and contributions toward gender equality.

26 May 17 Sonke News Religion & Culture, Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

Conference to sensitise MPs about the prevalence of Female Genital Multilation/Cutting in their countries.

26 May 17 Press Releases Sex Work

The recommendation for on-going criminalisation of sex work is not based on evidence and does not respect sex workers’ human rights.

23 May 17 Sonke News Gender-Based Violence

Namibian activist Tangeni John Ilovu takes over from previous co-ordinator James Itana.

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