Sonke Supports Student Research

Would you like to interview us for your research? The staff at Sonke appreciates the keen interest from students who would like Sonke to assist in the completion of their research studies. If you would like to request our involvement in your research, please fill out the form below to help us efficiently process your request, and find the staff member best suited to your needs.

Please note

We are not able to grant all of the research requests that we receive, but will review your application and let you know if your request has been approved or not. Please do not email any staff directly, since we will not be able to engage in correspondence until your request has been approved.

Complete form

  • Please describe your research focus and research question/s in a short paragraph
  • Please provide the URL link to the relevant programme on Sonke's website so that we can clearly identify your interests
  • What do you need from us?
  • Would you be able to produce in return for Sonke to help further our mission? E.g. blog/Facebook post, video clip, slideshow, etc.’
  • Please paste a writing sample of related work you have done (no more than 500 words).
  • If you need us to sign any research consent forms etc., please upload them here.
    Max. file size: 512 MB.