Operations Organisational Development

Operations and Organisational Development

Operations and Organisational Development

Sonke’s Operations and Organisational Development (OOD) Unit consists of three teams: finance, human resources and sub-awards. Sonke has expanded its sub-granting to partner organisations in Africa as part of a broader strategy to strengthen organisational capacity among gender-equality organisations across the continent. Over the last five years we have provided R80 million in sub-awards to our partners and provided organisational-development support that has significantly strengthened their operations systems and enhanced their sustainability.

The OOD unit focuses on the financial and human-resources capacity of the organisation, as well as its day-to-day running and wellbeing. It ensures that Sonke functions effectively and efficiently, with appropriate resources to carry out the organisation’s vision and mission. Sonke employs almost 100 staff and, in addition to direct employees, nurtures a network of CATs and peer education groups around South Africa.

Through the MenEngage Global Alliance, Sonke also partners with organisations around the world. The OOD unit is the engine that powers these relationships and ensures their smooth running – from taking care of people to logistical planning and financial and technical support.

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