Learning Centres Initiative

MenEngage Africa

The Learning Centre Initiative aims to highlight the good practice of Reproductive Health Uganda (based in Hoima) and the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (based in Choma) in working with men and boys on sexual and reproductive health.

The initiative is coordinated by Sonke and the Swedish Association of Sexuality Education (RFSU). Sonke’s role is to provide overall project management and technical support to the sites, as well as to develop skills in communications, advocacy, operations and research and increase the base of theoretical knowledge concerning male involvement.

The Initiative follows on from the work done by RFSU with partners in five countries from 2005-2009 under the umbrella of the Young Men for Equal Partners project (YMEP) which sought to improve the sexual reproductive health of young people though greater involvement of young men in sexual and reproductive health.

The end of term evaluation showed positive results in terms of reduced teen pregnancy, increased willingness to talk about sex and sexuality, earlier diagnosis of STIs.

The Learning Centres Initiative seeks to document the lessons learnt by two of the partners in the YMEP programme and distribute information about their successes throughout the region.

Sonke has been appointed by RFSU as the project management partner to help establish the Initiative with the partners and manage the initiative going forward, linking it initiative to other MenEngage Africa processes and ensuring that the project is appropriately monitored and documented and that results are disseminated to our various partners and other stakeholders in SRHR.

Together we are working to shift the focus of work with men and boys in SRHR from a focus as men as part of the problem, to men as partners and agents of change and clients of SRH services.