Against gender-based violence: Scaling up efforts to end gender-based violence in Africa

Twenty networks in 17 countries belonging to the MenEngage Africa alliance, recently gathered in Harare, Zimbabwe, to share ideas, exchange resources and identify best practices to achieve gender equality across Africa.

The alliance and its partners are committed to:

  1. Challenge African governments to promote peaceful and non-violent resolutions in Mozambique, Burundi, DRC and any other African country in conflict;
  2. Promote effective implementation of laws and policies leading to ending a culture of impunity;
  3. Provide services to survivors and perpetrators of gender-based violence;
  4. Educate and sensitise citizens about the need to promote human rights leading to human dignity and ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls; and
  5. Develop and promote positive masculinities amongst men and boys in African countries

Therefore, MenEngage Africa joins the global community in commemorating 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.


Rev Bafana Khumalo, MenEngage Africa co-chair
Telephone number: +27 11 339 3589

Julio Langa, MenEngage Africa co-chair
Telephone number: +258 848932559