HANDS OFF The Treatment Action Campaign

We are appalled at the call of the ANC in the Free State for the de-registration of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). We find this call disturbing, to say the least, given the huge track record of the TAC in the fight against poor health services, and given its positive contribution towards the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in South Africa, which is recognised the world over.

It is our view that this call to de-register a national civil society organisation, which has thousands of members throughout the country, is primarily intended to intimidate civil society, and the TAC in particular, for the sterling work they have been doing in the Free State to hold government accountable for a crumbling health system. It is saddening that the interests of individuals involved in charges of corruption are held above those of communities and South Africa’s citizens. We interpret this latest move as a retaliatory attack against the TAC for its bringing forth of charges of corruption against Free State Minister of Health in the Free State, Benny Malakoane last year, and for its calling for his firing.

We also note with grave concern the attempts to intimidate the SANAC civil society national chairperson Steve Letsike with threatening calls. Such cowardly acts will not sway us, nor other civil society groups (many who are releasing similar statements to ours) from the urgent task of holding duty bearers accountable in the HIV response in South Africa.

Brothers For Life notes with serious concern that its logo was used illegally in the promotion of this march against the TAC. We find this highly unprofessional and unacceptable. Brothers For Life supports the TAC and firmly stands with civil society in our endeavor to fight for adequate health systems that respond to the challenge of HIV and AIDS.

We encourage civil society organisations in the Free State to not allow themselves to be used for narrow political interests that seek to protect corrupt individuals, and to stand their ground against bullying practices so as not to allow civil society unity to be undermined. We will remain focused on the task ahead to ensure that the health system in the Free State is held accountable and that it delivers quality services to the citizens. On that note, Asijiki!


Issued by the SANAC Men’s Sector

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