Inaugural State of the World’s Fathers Report released tomorrow to coincide with Youth Day

Leading up to the release of this global report which looks at data regarding fatherhood from around the world, Sonke’s Demelza Bush and Khopotso Bodibe asked people in Johannesburg what fatherhood means to them. From paternity leave to sharing the care-work, everyone said the same thing: Fatherhood matters!

Yet, in South Africa, more children grow up without fathers in the home than with.

On Sunday, in many countries around the world, we will celebrate “Father’s Day”, and pay tribute to fathers and fatherhood. But to support fatherhood, we also need policies such as paternity leave in place, and to work with men to develop gender equitable ideas, including that the work at home and the work of caring for children should be shared by both men and women.

When fathers are involved in their children’s lives, everyone benefits: men, women, and the children!

You can find out more about Sonke Gender Justice and MenCare‘s work to advance fatherhood and gender equality, and read the first-ever State of the Word’s Fathers Report at

Meanwhile, see this beautifully shot video by Demelza Bush featuring South Africans speaking out about fatherhood, and please share widely.

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