Men’s Dialogue on Moral Regeneration: Socialisation of a Boy Child

The office of the Mayor at Msunduzi Municipality in partnership with Men for Change and Moral Regeneration office (National) held a Men’s Dialogue to try to address the social ills that are prevalent in our communities. The Men’s dialogue was held on the 1st of October 2012.

This program attracted different stakeholders in order to come up with various ideas on how to address the social ills. The Mayor highlighted the fact that most of these socials ills are committed by men. The Men’s Sector pledged its support for the program and committed to run these dialogues at ward level.

SANAC Men’s Sector Leadership

The Men’s Sector again requested that the Mayor should facilitate the involvement of primary schools on the programme as their target group is at that level. It was also highlighted that socialisation of a boy child has never been a focus for most families and communities; therefore every one present including other organisations were requested to adjust their focus to include both girls and boys so that the boys are taught early how to conduct themselves and how to become better individuals in their communities. Both girls and boys need equal attention when it comes to socialisation. The Men’s Sector indicated that men have been taking a back seat when it comes to socialisation issues, and hence young men are getting involved in most social-ills. Men pronounced their presence and promised that it will be felt as they embark on addressing social ills like rape; teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. The Men’s sector also came up with the idea of bringing medical male circumcision facilitators on board so that there is some form of follow up to the boys post-MMC on behaviour and socialisation.

The Manager; Special Programs and Projects in the Office of the Mayor, Ms Sanelisiwe Ndlovu expressed her appreciation in the involvement of the Men’s Sector in addressing the social ills affecting vulnerable groups and which therefore need vigorous interventions from all sectors of the society. Mr Thulani Mthalane from the Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action in the men’s sector pleaded with Ward Councillors to mobilise men in their Wards to be part of Men for Change in order to make a difference where they live. He requested that whatever is done in terms of interventions should include young men. “Inkuzi Isematholeni; let us build our country”.

By the office of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Premier’s Office