Sonke Gender Justice calls on the South African government to unequivocally stand with the people of Palestine and halt all diplomatic ties with Israel

The world is once again witnessing another cycle of violence and destruction of Palestine and its people at the hands of the racist Israeli state and for this reason, Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke) is calling on the South African government to unequivocally stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and halt all diplomatic ties with Israel.

The present killings started with the aim of Israel to occupy East Jerusalem by brutally storming into the Al Aqsa Mosque at a time when a huge number of people were praying at the Mosque during the month of Ramadan.

Although the South African government has condemned the violence, this is simply not enough when the government continues to do business with the state of Israeli. A grave violation of human rights is intensifying by the day, half-hearted and ambiguous condemnation in the form of statements when people are losing their lives is meaningless. Instead, this is the opportune moment for effective and meaningful solutions. 

The Israeli State has gotten away with the use of brute force on the people of Palestine with no consequences for years. Sonke condemns in the strongest terms possible the latest act of violent aggression carried out by Israeli armed forces.

World leaders can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights violations in Palestine as this is becoming an anticipated and annual occurrence. Therefore, Sonke is also calling on the South African government and other world leaders to ensure that the State of Israel is taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to be held accountable and ensure that Israel’s discriminatory policies against Palestinians are abolished. 

Lastly, we send our unwavering solidarity and support to the people of Palestine in this moment of crisis.


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