Sonke mobilises the community and supports Sandiswa Mhlawuli’s mother while Nkosinam Xabadiya waits to hear his fate

Last week we mobilised a large crowd outside of the Butterworth Magistrates’ Court during the trial of Nkosinam Xabadiya. We’re expecting even more people tomorrow when the verdict will be read. The protestors were wearing t-shirts remembering his victim, 27-year old Sandiswa Mhlawuli. Despite the pain her mother has experienced, losing her daughter and being left to care for Sandiswa’s two children alone, here Sandiswa’s mother is also comforted by the community coming out in numbers to support her, to honour her daughter and to say NO MORE!

Besides those we’ve reached in our workshops and the trainings we’ve done in these communities to combat gender-based violence, besides those who are joining the protests and standing outside the court demanding justice, we know that many passersby will also be reached. Those who see what is happening will realise that this is not a community that is going to sit by while women and children are abused and killed…

By taking a stand like this, these communities are changing social norms, and showing their fellow citizens that domestic violence will not be tolerated, abusing women and children is not acceptable, and that society will stand up to demand that perpetrators be punished.

by Czerina Patel

Click HERE to view the video by Demelza Bush