Sonke shares a Public Service Announcement urging all South Africans to take a stand against Xenophobia

This Africa Day, Sonke Gender Justice shares this Public Service Announcement, which urges all South Africans to rise up and take a stand against xenophobia. South Africa is a multi-cultural and diverse country, and the people that live here who come from different countries add to the richness of our social fabric and contribute to the growth of our country.

This Africa Day, let us stand side by side, love one another and not allow hate to divide us, for we are all human and we are all Africans. Let us also not forget that many of our fellow Africans come from countries that helped us during our time of need before we attained freedom.


This is the second version of the Public Service Announcement (PSA) calling for an end to xenophobia in South Africa. This version is mixed with the South African national anthem.