Working with traditional leaders to combat Gender Based Violence.

MenEngage Namibia (MEN) facilitated a training with traditional leaders of the Kabbe Sub-Traditional court in the Zambezi Region from 13 and April 14, 2023, to empower male traditional leaders to address gender-based violence and promote gender equality in the Zambezi region.

The training aimed to foster gender equality and eradicate the menace of GBV from the region. The sessions were conducted over several days, providing an inclusive platform for male traditional leaders to address gender-based violence. In a collaborative effort, MEN and the traditional leaders explored strategies to promote gender equality within their communities, effectively challenging traditional norms and attitudes that perpetuate violence against.

Recognizing the importance of legal frameworks in combating domestic violence, Namibian Police members organized an enlightening session with the Kabbe Sub-Traditional leaders. This engaging encounter aimed to unpack the Domestic Violence Legal Framework, ensuring the traditional leaders comprehended the legal avenues available to address and combat domestic violence within their communities. The session conducted by the Namibian Police with traditional leaders unveiled the power of legal frameworks in combating domestic violence. The leaders gained a comprehensive understanding of the legal tools at their disposal, enabling them to protect and support survivors of domestic violence more effectively.

Through these powerful initiatives, a profound impact was created. Male traditional leaders, who hold influential positions within the Kabbe Sub-Traditional court, were equipped with the knowledge and skills to challenge gender norms, promoting gender equality and addressing GBV. This transformative training not only empowered the traditional leaders but also paved the way for positive societal changes.

Simultaneously, the Development Bank of Namibia recognized the imperative role men play in combating workplace harassment. MenEngage Namibia embarked on an empowering journey, rallying male staff members to take the lead in addressing this issue head-on. Through workshops and educational sessions, men were equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a safer and more inclusive work environment.

Similarly, the engagement of male staff members of the Development Bank of Namibia led to a significant reduction in workplace harassment incidents. By taking a proactive role, these men became catalysts for change, fostering a supportive work environment where everyone felt respected and valued.

Additionally, a strategic planning and development meeting was held with members of the MenEngage Namibia network. This gathering aimed to strengthen relationships between participating organizations while enhancing leadership skills and sharing best practices. The goal was to create a network of empowered individuals capable of driving change within their respective communities. The meeting emphasized cross-country collaboration and knowledge exchange to support and improve initiatives in other nations as well.

The planning and strategy development meeting with MenEngage Namibia network members strengthened relationships between organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. This synergy enhanced the capacity of participating organizations to lead impactful initiatives, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for gender equality and GBV prevention.

Through these collective efforts, Namibia witnessed a transformative shift towards gender equality and the eradication of GBV. The initiatives not only empowered male leaders but also set in motion a chain of events that would inspire similar changes in other regions and countries.