Bridget Mnyulwa

Communication & Strategic Information Assistant

Bridget Mnyulwa was the Communication and Information Assistant at Sonke where she worked on communications initiatives, providing monitoring and evaluation and reporting support to projects.

She completed a BSoSci in Gender and Sociology, Honours in Gender and Transformation at the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town and a Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management at the University of Stellenbosch. Bridget first joined Sonke as an intern in August 2009 where she focused on accessibility to services for Refugee Women in Cape Town.

Bridget has previously done voluntary work at various non-governmental organisations and during her studies she was an active member of Habitat for Humanity (UCT) and was involved in a number of student run organisations at the University.

Bridget’s vision is to be part of an effort that facilitates empowerment of resource-poor disadvantaged people by fostering development, health improvement or social fulfillment of these people’s needs and ultimately to contribute to the improvement of people’s livelihoods.