Fitiavana Miangaly Randriantseheno

Regional Senior Trainer

 Fitiavana Miangaly Randriantseheno is a Youth Advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). She started her career as an Intern at the UNFPA Madagascar office and started volunteering since 2016 as regional coordinator of a youth network in Antananarivo (capital of Madagascar) to become the National Coordinator of the network: Young Ambassadors involved in adolescent and youth reproductive health named Tanora Iray Madagascar since 2018. She is also a board member of the African Youth Network for Population and Development in Madagascar (AfriYAN) as Secretary General; where she was able to support youth organizations in Madagascar in terms of capacity building; and also, a member of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. Miangaly represents Tanora-Iray at MenEngage Madagascar for the promotion of human rights and in particular the rights of women and girls including the participation of men for equality for all. Still in terms of volunteering, Miangaly was selected to be the Youth Focal Point for FP2020 in order to strengthen advocacy for Youth and Adolescent Health; especially young girls. She completed her graduate studies at the Catholic University of Madagascar and obtained her Master’s degree in Population and Development in 2019. As a committed young person, she fights for the improvement of young people’s access to SDSR, putting an end to unintended pregnancies and gender-based violence.