Rights, Roles and Responsibilities of Men in Fast-Tracking the End of AIDS


The high level meeting on the “Rights, Roles and Responsibilities of Men in Fast-Tracking the End of AIDS”, will agree on the key elements to Fast-Track the HIV response among men and boys as a way of improving outcomes for them and their partners. This discussion will be informed by a collective analysis of how […]

Engaging Men in South African HIV Policy for Gender Equality and HIV Prevention


A growing body of evidence highlights that well-implemented programmes targeting men and boys can influence their attitudes, behaviours and their role as agents of change in the achievement of gender equality. This has benefits for women, children and men themselves. It is well acknowledged that gender inequalities cause women and girls to be more vulnerable to […]

Policy Gaps in Engaging Men in HIV and SRH policies in Africa


HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services across Africa have predominately been targeted towards women and girls. While this is understandable, studies have found that in Africa men are less likely than women to access HIV and SRH services. This has an adverse effect on men’s health and is detrimental for women as well. […]

Linking policy to practice


Evidence increasingly shows that in order to end high levels of violence against women perpetrated across Africa, it is important to work with men and women together to change the social norms that perpetuate GBV, including challenging men’s behaviours and attitudes, as well as supporting men to take a stand against such violence. In addition […]

MenEngage Africa Regional Planning Meeting Report

Menengage Africa Report on Regional Planning Meeting in Kampala Oct 2011

A total number of 65 participants attended the MenEngage Africa Regional Consultative meeting. This meeting held in Kampala, Uganda from 14 – 16 September 2011, involved 13 MenEngage Africa country networks. This consultation meeting was a joint effort in collaboration with UNFPA Africa Sub Regional Office and the MenEngage Africa Regional Network being coordinated by […]

MenEngage Regional Conference to scale-up policy approaches to engaging men and boys for Gender equality in Africa

MenEngage Regional Conference to scale- up policy approaches to engaging men and boys for Gender equality in Africa

Gender inequality in Africa continues to undermine democracy, impede development and compromise people’s lives in dramatic ways. Indeed many studies have shown that contemporary gender roles and especially rigid notions of manhood contribute to gender-based violence, and increase in maternal mortality and exacerbate the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. Achieving economic, social and […]

MenEngage Africa Symposium Report

MenEngage Symposium Report October 2009

The symposium brought together organisations and policymakers from across Africa to build civil society and government capacity to work with men and boys to respond to gender-based violence and HIV. The symposium had the general objective of looking at ways of working with men and boys to achieve gender equality. Specific objectives included: To add to […]

Engaging Men and Boys in Refugee Settings to Address Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Engaging Men and Boys in Refugee Settings to address sexual and gender based violence

A four-day regional workshop was facilitated by Sonke Gender Justice Network (Sonke) and the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children (Women’s Commission), in cooperation with UNHCR, to increase and encourage the involvement of men and boys in the work against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The participants consisted of multifunctional teams from nine different […]

MenEngage Regional Consultation Meeting for Sub-Saharan Africa

MenEngage Regional Consultation Meeting for Sub-Saharan Africa December 2006 - Dar Es Salaam

In 2006, USAID’s Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) developed a plan with EngenderHealth and Instituto Promundo to support the MenEngage activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. USAID agreed to support a capacity building workshop on programs for men and boys that would also serve as the first MenEngage Alliance Regional Consultation for Africa. The first day of […]