#SpurVideo: Understanding the dynamics of power, privilege and race

A video, showing an aggressive man confronting an enraged woman at a local Spur on Human Rights Day, has raised the ire of South Africans.

The altercation was allegedly sparked by their children fighting in The Glen Spur’s playpen. The altercation took a turn for the worse when the angry man threatened the woman with violence.

At one point, the man shook the table that at the time had children seated around it. The woman did not back down, explaining to media outlets that she wanted to protect the children left in her charge.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with people victim blaming the woman for engaging the man while others pointed a finger at the woman for not being able to control her children.

Sonke Gender Justice speaks to Children’s Rights and Positive Parenting Manager, Wessel Van Den Berg, on the effects of violence around children.