A Report on Training Programmes Provided by Sonke Gender Justice and Partners

Evaluation undertaken by Singizi Consulting, 2017

This evaluation focuses on three core training and education courses provided by Sonke Gender Justice (hereafter Sonke) together with its partners:

  • Women’s Health and Empowerment – MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI)
  • The University of Pretoria / Sonke Advanced Human Rights Course (UP)
  • University of California Los Angeles School of Law and Sonke Fellowship Programme (UCLA)

These core o erings are all founded on supporting the concepts, vocabulary and values for a gender transformed society. The purpose of all of the courses lies in the imperative to build gender justice, human rights and public health and the concern that this is impeded by poverty, limited access to educational and economic opportunities, unjust laws and insu cient accountability by governments. These drivers are embedded in patriarchal systems in which gender inequality and gender bias thrive. Male engagement in addressing women’s health and empowerment is therefore essential.

Through continuous conceptual development these courses incorporate and convey cutting edge, progressive concepts and norms around gender equality, while rede ning masculinity and confronting the impacts of patriarchy on social and gender norms: “Domestic violence is tied to patriarchy.” (Key respondent interview).

Training is rooted in the concepts of personal to societal transformation: “The representatives go through training highlighting a transformational approach on an individual level focusing on violence against women.” (Key respondent interview).