Detailed Policy Report for Zambia

Engaging Men in GBV and HIV prevention, SRHR promotion, parenting and LGBTI Rights

The analysis found that Zambia’s National AIDS Strategic Framework effectively identifies that men need to be engaged around issues related to HIV, but could go further in terms of articulating how such a goal should be achieved. Zambia’s National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence adequately highlights the need to engage with men, but is less adequately supported by Zambian legislation. While Zambian sexual and reproductive health (SRH) policies attempt to emphasise men’s SRH needs, they do not adequately engage with men as partners able to support women’s SRH, and do not address the need to transform gender norms related to health seeking behaviour. The Zambian Draft Constitution shows the potential to precipitate a more gender-equal approach to parenting, which as yet is not evident in Zambian policy and law.

Detailed Policy Report for Zambia

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