Gender Analysis for Microbicide Introduction Interpretation Meeting

With funding from the United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID), FHI 360 and Sonke Gender Justice conducted a gender analysis in South Africa to answer the following questions:

  1. How will gender norms and inequalities affect women’s access to and use of microbicides?
  2. How will microbicide introduction affect the relative status of women and girls, and men and boys?
  3. How should the answers to these questions inform the rollout of microbicides?

On November 1 2013, Sonke Gender Justice and FHI 360 convened 34 representatives from local and international nongovernmental organizations, government, donor organizations, research institutions, and advocacy organizations to share findings from the gender analysis. Participants discussed the findings’ relevance for South Africa and how to prioritize and facilitate the use of specific findings going forward.