Letter to African Commission on Xenophobia in South Africa

“We, the undersigned civil society organisations write to you to raise concerns about the continued recurrence of xenophobic attacks against non-nationals living in the Republic of South Africa. In the past, we approached the Commission with similar concerns highlighting the need to impress on the government of South Africa to end xenophobic attacks perpetrated against non-nationals living in the country. As human rights organisations, we are particularly concerned about the absence of appropriate and practical action including the lack of serious interventions, poor policy response and inappropriate action by the government of South Africa to stop the recurrence of these attacks. We are also concerned about the limited responses by the criminal justice system to deal with the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators. We believe that the government of South Africa should undertake practical and policy measures to address the root causes of these attacks including addressing its social and economic obligations in order to meet the country’s constitutional, socio-economic and human rights obligations…”

Letter African Commission Xenophobia

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