MenCare+ South Africa Outcome Measurement Report

This Outcome Measurement Report has been compiled by the Foundation for Professional Development’s Programme Evaluation Unit in response to a request by Sonke Gender Justice and Mosaic Training, Service & Healing Centre for Women (MOSAIC) to conduct the End Term Evaluation of the MenCare+ South Africa Programme.

The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the efficacy and impact of the MenCare+ programme in South Africa and the results will be used to determine future programme implementation and funding. Data was collected using a mixed methods approach. A review of the literature regarding gender equality, masculinity and fatherhood in South Africa was conducted to provide background and context to the evaluation. A comprehensive programme document review was conducted to provide the background of the programme, what research had already been conducted on the MenCare+ South Africa programme, and to provide an overview of the advocacy efforts of Sonke and MOSAIC. The quantitative data had already been collected by Sonke Gender Justice and MOSAIC using questionnaires (pre and post MenCare+ sessions) and the evaluation team conducted the analysis of the data. The qualitative data was collected using two methods. Firstly, Focus Group Discussions were conducted with 54 MenCare+ programme beneficiaries sampled from the 713 participants in the SRHR groups and 1550 participants in the Parenting groups. Secondly, telephonic interviews were conducted with 35 interviewees including programme stakeholders, programme staff, healthcare workers and social workers.


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Mosaic, South Africa