Zambia National Women’s Lobby

The Men's Campfire Conference Report, 29-30 August 2009

Gender-based violence is one of the critical issues affecting women and children throughout Zambia. As a response to the gender-based violence, the Men’s Network Project organised a Men’s Campfire Conference to sensitise the community on gender violence. The Men‘s Campfire Conference was held from 29 to 30th August, 2009 in Kasenga Resettlement area, 40km north east of Lusaka. This was to sensitise the community due to the increased cases of gender-based violence in the area, many of which go unreported. The Men‘s Network felt that it was important to engage men in this vast community to play a role in addressing GBV as well as engaging the community leadership to support women in their bid for leadership. This report provides an overview of the conference as well as the discussions that took place.