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Rights, action and accountability

A citizens’ guide to local government action and accountability for gender-based violence prevention and response This Manual is designed as an educational resource for facilitators who will lead training workshops to strengthen the capacities of Sonke Community Action Teams (CATs) to: Raise awareness of gender-based violence (GBV). Promote the inclusion of GBV prevention and response …

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Mea Peace Security Policy Terms

Peace and Security Terms of Reference

Sonke is looking for a consultant to conduct desk-top policy research and analysis on Peace and Security related policies across 15 countries in Africa. Please find the terms of reference herein.

Timeline Complaint Against DM Mkongi

Timeline of complaint against DM Mkongi

On 14 July 2017 Deputy Minister of Police Mkongi made xenophobic remarks in public. This document represents a timeline of complaints against Mr Mkongi, which resulted in a public statement issued by him on 21 August 2018.

Digital Stories Southern Africa

Digital Stories from Southern Africa

Gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS are recognised as significant public health issues throughout Sub- Saharan Africa. Countless women, men, and children in the region are affected by these twin epidemics. While an array of programmes and advocacy strategies have emerged to challenge men’s violence and slow the spread of the virus, much remains to be done. …

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We All Have Rights

“We All have Rights”

HIV/AIDS is changing the landscape of family and home for South African children and youth. Across rural parts of the country, children’s need for protection from HIV exposure and violence is increasing as they lose caregivers to the virus. When this happens, the social, psychological, and material support that caregivers provide is also lost. Now, …

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Stories Courage Leadership

Stories of Courage and Leadership

In recent years, the important role that Traditional Leaders and their Councils can play in promoting gender equality and addressing violence, HIV and AIDS, and other health issues has been broadly recognized in South Africa. At the local level, Traditional Leaders can influence social norms by condemning HIV myths and stigma and speaking up with …

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Letter African Commission Xenophobia

Letter to African Commission on Xenophobia in South Africa

“We, the undersigned civil society organisations write to you to raise concerns about the continued recurrence of xenophobic attacks against non-nationals living in the Republic of South Africa. In the past, we approached the Commission with similar concerns highlighting the need to impress on the government of South Africa to end xenophobic attacks perpetrated against …

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Childrens Institute V Times

Children’s Institute et al vs. The Times

This ruling is based on the written submissions of Dr Stefanie Röhrs, senior researcher of the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, with Mr Wessel van den Berg (Children’s Rights and Positive Parenting Manager, Sonke Gender Justice) and those of Jillian Green of The Times newspaper.

Ombudsman Response To Times

Request for adjudication

We have read through the letter submitted by the editorial team of The Times in response to our complaint. While we appreciate the letter, and some sentiments expressed in it, we still feel that this provides insufficient remedy to the complaint, and we stand by the request for a retraction of the article and an …

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Pollsmoor Court Order

The Court Order can be downloaded by clicking the “Download PDF” button below. The Reasons Delivered can be downloaded here.


CHARISMA Intervention Overview

CHARISMA (Community Health Clinic Model for Agency in Relationships and Safer Microbicide Adherence) is a pilot intervention to increase women’s agency to consistently and safely use microbicides while reducing their risk of intimate partner violence (IPV) and promoting healthy relationships. Microbicides were designed to give women an HIV prevention tool they could use without a …

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Men and HIV in the ESA Region

This pamphlet highlights the urgent need to engage men and boys more fully in the AIDS response in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. The information draws on UNAIDS’ 2016 Platform for Action on Men and HIV, and a literature review conducted by Sonke Gender Justice for UNAIDS focused on the Eastern and Southern Africa …

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iALARM Project Summary

In South Africa, the country with the highest burden of HIV infection in the world, men either fail to access or drop out early from the ‘cascade’ of HIV testing, treatment and care at considerably higher rates than women. Linking men to care earlier, and keeping them retained and adherent for longer, will improve not …

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Judgement – Bongani Nkala and Others v Harmony Gold Mining Company

The judgement handed down by the South Gauteng High Court, is in favour of the constitution of a class action lawsuit of 56 current and former goldmine workers, representing hundreds of thousands, against 32 gold mining companies – comprising the entire gold mining industry in South Africa. Additionally they have ruled in favour of the transmissibility …

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