A Health & Safety Guide for Clients of Sex Workers

Playing it Safe

In South Africa, we do not know much about the clients of sex workers. We do know that there is no explicit health or social services for clients, and that very little accessible information on the sex industry exists. Because the buying and selling of sex is currently illegal in South Africa, everything in the sex industry is forced underground and into secrecy, which makes it unsafe for everyone.

So while Sonke does not promote breaking the law, we believe in a ‘harm reduction approach’. This means that it is really important to provide information to everyone in the sex industry – sex workers as well as clients. This guide is therefore written with health and human rights in mind. It promotes safer and more respectful encounters between clients and sex workers, resulting in sex work that is safer for all.

For training material for sex worker clients, see:

Monique Huysamen & Marlise Richter ‘Towards harm reduction programmes with sex worker clients in South Africa.’ Sonke Gender Justice, May 2020