An analysis of how National Strategic Plans on HIV/AIDS in five global regions address the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality and reducing the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS

A scan conducted for UNFPA by Sonke Gender Justice Network in preparation for a global consultation on integrating strategies to address gender based violence and include gender equality work with men and boys into National Strategic Plans

While the need to engage with men and boys in work to prevent HIV and AIDS work and promote gender equality is clear, and the steps that have been taken by a small number of countries to include men and boys within their HIV and AIDS National Strategic Plans are encouraging, much progress is still required. Strategies that have been outlined need to be strengthened; and work which interrogates and challenges negative masculine norms needs to be developed. The proposed work outlined within NSPs must be monitored and evaluated to gauge its effectiveness so that successful interventions can be taken to scale. Other countries need to be encouraged to recognise the importance of including men and boys within policy work and program design and implementation, not only for the benefits which will be derived from women but also to ensure that men are engaged in work to achieve gender equality.