Beijing Plus 15 Progress Report for the 2010 UN CSW

A Review of South African Government Action to Implement Commitments Made to Involve Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality

This report assesses the South African government’s progress in implementing international and national commitments to engage men and boys in achieving gender equality in five key areas:

• Gender equality and the equal sharing of responsibility
• Gender-based violence
• Promoting male sexual and reproductive health
• HIV services and facilities which encourage men to use them
• Work with boys and youth, in and out of schools

The report covers implementation and progress in each of these areas. At the start of each section, the relevant clauses of the instruments are outlined to show what government has committed to doing, followed by a review of progress in implementation by key government departments. Gaps and challenges are identified and specific recommendations made for improvement. The report does not focus on work conducted with women to advance gender equality, nor on the significant work done by civil society with men and boys for gender equality. It focuses solely on government efforts to engage with men and boys.