Gender, Migration, and Health in SADC

A focus on women and girls

This report explores policy responses to migration, health and gender – with a focus on women and girls – in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). As a region associated with high levels of population mobility, a high communicable and non-communicable disease burden, poor maternal and child health outcomes, pervasive gender inequity, and struggling public healthcare systems, SADC poses a number of challenges – and opportunities – to policy makers and those working with policy. Based on a brief review of the existing literature; the identification and analysis of relevant policy frameworks at the national, regional, continental and global levels; and interviews with key stakeholders and policy-makers, this report explores if, and if so how, responses to migration and health engage with gender, particularly the needs of women and girls in SADC. It also provides key recommendations that are based on a set of guiding principles for key actors responsible for developing and implementing responses to migration, health and gender.