Involving the Other Gender

A case study of the Men as Partners Program in KwaZulu-Natal

The rates of violence against women and HIV/AIDS are extremely high in KwaZulu-Natal. Because most of the perpetrators of violence against women are men, it is important to look at their specific identity and behavior in the context of historical South Africa and how that is affecting masculinity today. The Men as Partners (MAP) program, created by EngenderHealth, works with men on issues surrounding violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS. The program runs workshops that engage men in confronting gender inequality and stereotypes. There are two MAP programs in KZN, one run by Sonke Gender Justice in Nkandla and the other by Hope Worldwide in Durban.

The complexity of Zulu traditions and confronting what could be seen as negative aspects of culture were important lessons learned in the research process. Also, the sustainability of such a project and community involvement from the government to local NGO’s was explored. The Men as Partners program is important in creating behavior and psychological changes in men on issues of violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS. This case study provides an overview of the MAP program by exploring these aspects.

Involving the other gender

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