Joint Submission on the Draft White Paper on Safety and Security

September 2015

At the outset, we welcome the opportunity to make written submissions on the Draft White Paper on Safety and Security and wish to thank you for extending the deadline for submissions to allow our position to be considered in the finalisation process.

This is a joint submission, resulting from a joint workshop process at which all the above-mentioned organisations engaged critically with each of the themes contained in the Draft White Paper on Safety and Security (DWPSS), and the DWPSS as a whole.

The submission is structured to address only those themes contained in the DWPSS that resonate with our organisations from the perspective of gender-based violence, and is directly informed by our areas of expertise, our own experiences, and the experiences of our clients and/and constituents.

Joint submission by:

  1. Afrika Tikkun’s Young Urban Women
  2. AIDS Legal Network
  3. Gender Health and Justice Research Unit, University of Cape Town
  4. Isidima Sam
  5. Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre
  6. Progressive Women’s Movement of SA
  7. Children’s Happy Home Development Youth Centre
  8. Rapcan
  9. Sonke Gender Justice
  10. SWEAT/Sisonke
  11. Treatment Action Campaign
  12. Triangle Project
  13. Wellness Foundation
  14. Western Cape Network on Violence Against Women
  15. Women on Farms Project
  16. Women’s Legal Centre
  17. Young Urban Women


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Gender-Based Violence