MATI Mentorship Programme Evaluation Report

June 2013

The MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI) Mentorship Programme was established as part of the commitment to provide ongoing support to MATI participants as they implemented their Projects for Change in their respective countries. Participants were paired with highly skilled mentors that have worked in the fields of gender justice and human rights and have demonstrated project management experience. Mentors were to give consistent support, guidance and concrete assistance to ensure participants’ project outcomes. Therefore, the main aim of the Mentorship Programme was to afford participants ongoing professional guidance and leadership role models that would be available to them for the duration of their projects.

This report details the findings of a mid-term evaluation of the first MATI Mentorship programme which took place between April and May 2013. A total of 18 mentors and 23 mentees completed a questionnaire which sought to capture their experiences of the programme so as to improve subsequent mentorship programmes related to MATI. Overall, the findings indicated that both mentors and mentees found this aspect of the training course very useful, giving them another avenue to hone the skills and knowledge gained during the training course in August 2012. However, feedback indicated that both mentors and mentees were faced with a number of obstacles. This report focuses on the main challenges encountered and provides recommendations for how to take the Mentorship Programme forward.

MATI Mentorship Programme Evaluation Report June 2013

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