Men and Women in Partnership

The International Rescue Committee - Ivory Coast

Men and Women in Partnership is based on the premise that men are deeply concerned about the high rates of violence against women and girls in Ivory Coast, and the recognition that men are in a critical position to stop violence against women, girls, boys and other men, as well as influence norms, attitudes, gender roles and expectations. The inclusion of men in violence prevention will create a world where women and children are not only safe from violence, abuse and the threat of violence, but are also safe to fulfil their potential and to exercise control over their lives. In post-conflict Ivory Coast, these efforts also help ensure that women can make equal contributions to and and enjoy equal access to the benefits of reconstruction and peace.

This curriculum targets men who choose to participate in weekly Men’s Dialogue Groups (MDGs), making a commitment to work toward changes in their own attitudes and behaviours toward women and girls. IRC facilitators will work with each MDG for 16 weeks based on the curriculum, and will continue to provide information and support to these groups over the subsequent months.