Men-Streaming in Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV

A toolkit for policy development and advocacy

This toolkit has been prepared to help organizations create affirmative policies which promote the positive roles that men can play in improving their own sexual and reproductive health – and those of women and children. The toolkit explains why this is important and how to achieve it. It also highlights how engaging men in sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV policies, is not simply a goal in its own right, but can help move towards the goal of gender equity.

This toolkit is intended for use primarily by those who are responsible for developing organizational policy within national and regional development organizations, including IPPF country Member Associations and their networks. A key audience is programme managers and Member Association executive directors – people who have decision making power to effect change within Member Associations. In addition, it will provide useful guidance to those involved in advocating for change at governmental level, and to government policy makers themselves.

The toolkit can be used by organizations which already have experience of working with men, and organizations with no such experience.