MenCare in Matzikama

Sonke and the Matzikama Men and Boys Network Transform a Rural Community's Norms Around Gender, Sex, and Family

In the northern areas of the Western Cape governed by the Matzikama municipality, almost half of the population is jobless. Liquor stores in the towns provide a predictable outlet for people’s boredom and frustrations-and contribute to a range of social problems: fighting and aggression, substance abuse, domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and absent parenting.

The Matzikama Men and Boys Network – a partnership between Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke), Gender Transformation Network and the DSD – is a new initiative in the area and the first of its kind. The network aims to promote gender equality and to encourage men and boys to play a positive role in their families and communities. Since it was created in August 2012, the network has been actively implementing Sonke’s MenCare campaign, a campaign Sonke co-chairs together with the Brazilian NGO Instituto Promundo and other global partners. This case study provides an overview and outcomes of the Network and the implemented campaign.

Mencare in Matzikana

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