MenEngage Africa Evaluation of Activities: Phase 2

July 2014 – November 2017

As part of the research for the overall evaluation, we sent surveys to members of the country networks. We received responses from representatives of 37 organisation s from 11 countries within the MEA Network. We used these responses as the basis for this ‘deep dive’ and analysed the survey data from the se 37 country m ember respondents in five core categories so as to understand degrees of ‘satisfaction’ – we essentially ‘ranked’ the 11 countries from least to most satisfied, based on responses from members of the Network in those countries.

In the survey distributed to country network members, most questions required respondents to respond to a statement, where 1 was completely disagree and 5 is completely agree. In undertaking this ‘deep dive’ into the data, we looked at the answers to the questions related to the following five key categories across two areas, Network Strengthening and Network Achievement:

• Network Strengthening

  • o Views on the CREDIBILITY of the Network
  • o Views on SUPPORT & INTERACTION between country members
  • o Views on members’ PARTICIPATION & ACTION

• Network Achievement


Singizi Evaluation MEA Phase 2

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