MenEngage Africa Training Initiative Most Significant Change Stories

Under the auspices of MenEngage Africa (MEA), for the past five years Sonke Gender Justice has coordinated the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI) in partnership with the University of California Global Heath Institute (UCGHI) and the Women’s Health Research Unit of the University of Cape Town (UCT). The intensive 14-day training course aims to contribute to the development of a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable gender justice leaders and advocates on the continent. Using an eclectic approach that incorporates theoretical and practical elements, the policy and advocacy-focused course supports African gender activists to increase their knowledge on gender quality, women’s empowerment and gender norms transformation. Upon completion of the course, MATI participants gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify and understand critical issues in women’s health, masculinities and gender inequalities.
  • Apply empowerment theory to these issues.
  • Design and measure empowerment interventions for health using newly learned strategies.
  • Develop and implement a program to address problems in the areas of women’s health and masculinities in the status-quo.
  • Network with individuals that are passionate and involved in similar issue areas.

MATI Change Stories

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