One Man Can: Working with Men and Boys to Reduce the Spread and Impact of HIV and AIDS

This manual is intended to be a resource for those working with men and boys on issues of citizenship, human rights, gender, health, sexuality and violence. The content of the activities is informed by a commitment to social justice, gender equality and engaged citizen activism.

The activities are intended to encourage men to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and values regarding women, gender, domestic and sexual violence, HIV, AIDS, democracy and human rights, so that they can take action to help prevent domestic and sexual violence, reduce the spread HIV and the impact of AIDS, and promote gender equality. The activities are generally simple to use and don’t require lots of prior facilitation experience.

This workshop manual is just one of a number of different tools available. Other materials have been designed to support men who’ve been through an OMC training workshop in taking action and can be accessed on Sonke’s website.