PREVENTION+ Final Narrative report and Annual Report 2020

Prevention+ is a five-year programme (2016-2020) that addresses inequalities between women and men by working with men – as partners with women – to be agents of change in promoting healthy masculinities based on equality, caregiving, and non-violence. Prevention+ is implemented in Indonesia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Uganda, and in a selection of MENA countries. The Prevention+ Consortium includes Rutgers, Promundo and Sonke, with MenEngage Global as a technical partner. The programme is carried out in collaboration with the partners within the respective countries. The focus is on reducing violence against women as well as improving the economic participation and self- reliance of women by working closely with them and young men. The programme emphasises the participation of women in politics and public administration at the individual, community, institutional and government level. The programme strategy aims to scale up evidence-based gender-based violence (GBV) prevention programmes (with young men) in strategic partnerships with communities, public institutions and civil society organisations (CSOs) to achieve positive and equal gender norms and to reduce men’s use of GBV. The long-term objectives of the five-year Prevention+ programme is to contribute to a gender-just society, free of GBV, by transforming harmful social norms driving GBV at the level of the individual, community, and civil society and ensuring that these changes are firmly rooted in a supportive legal and policy framework. It is crucial for a new paradigm of gender equity to address both men and women in society through an approach that includes the individual and the societal level, rather than a constant framing of men as causing inequality and women as survivors of this inequality.