SGV Campaign Membership Form

About the Campaign:


A safe South Africa free from gender-based violence.


Advocating for an end to gender-based violence in South Africa so that all persons who live here are able to enjoy healthy lives free from violence.

Campaign Philosophy

The Stop Gender Violence (SGV) Campaign is a coalition of civil society organisations, which aims to create critical mass through mobilising communities to take a stand against gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa. This critical mass is vital in holding the State accountable to our Constitution, which states that all people in our country have a right to dignity, equality and freedom.

It further aims to create public and political will to develop and implement a fully-costed, inclusive and multi-sectoral National Strategic Plan on Gender-Based Violence (NSPGBV). The NSPGBV will serve as a roadmap to align the country around strategic priorities, while also ensuring there is budget set aside for prevention and services as part of the national budget.

With organisations representing differing agendas in eight provinces across South Africa, the Campaign ensures that the NSPGBV is informed by the perspectives and priorities of all stakeholders.


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