State of the Tanzania’s Fathers (SOTFs) Report

Uncovering Men’s Engagement in Parenting, Child Protection, and Gender Equality in Tanzania

This study’s objective was to explore the level of Tanzani- an men’s engagement in parenting, caregiving, Child Rights Protection (CRP), promoting gender equality, and preventing Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

The focus on fatherhood stems from its importance as an entry-point to address gender inequality, particularly cycles of violence such as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Violence Against Children (VAC). To achieve transfor- mative and sustainable social change around gender equality and equitable involvement of male caregivers is not only important, but necessary.

This study was qualitatively conducted in 9 regions of Tanzania Mainland, involving 63 participants: 52 parents equally distributed between mothers and fathers, 5Government officials and 6 representatives from NGOs. Moreover, documentary review was used to collect secondary data. It is important to note that this is the first time that such study has been conducted in Tanzania.

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